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Specialists in marketing for garden centers and nurseries in New England.
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Specializing in horticultural business marketing and communications.
Specialists in marketing for garden centers and nurseries
in New England.
2018 Hort Marketers.

    Mission Statement

At Hort Marketers, our goal is to establish and maintain long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with key decision makers of small horticultural businesses. We offer exceptional and affordable online and offline marketing products and services which can enhance relationships with their customers and increase their loyalty and provide more sales opportunities.
    Website Philosophy

Hort Marketers prides itself in being an excellent modeler. We take the utmost care in matching the look and feel of your website to that of your company. We have archives of over two hundred horticultural websites and use them to create something unique for your company by combining the best elements of many sites into one unique site, especially suited for you company.
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Our email strategy is simple. Keep in contact with your customers enough to keep them engaged, but less than they start to feel harrassed. With Email Marketing, it's easy for you to connect with your customers, and for customers to share your message with their networks. And the more your customers spread the word about your business, the more your company will grow.

With Email Marketing, we create Enewsletters, Eblasts, and Esurveys. Find out how one of our surveys uncovered a  $15,000 profit by asking customers just one simple question.
Email Strategies
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EDDM Direct Mail
The paradigm shift in direct mail has happened. When a first class stamp costs fifty cents, sending out a mailing has become extrememly expensive, if not cost prohibitive.

What if there were a way to mail out a giant size postcard for under eighteen cents in postage to everyone in neighborhoods you would like to do more business in?

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